Live a more organized, stylish life with interior styling or wardrobe and closet makeovers! Find out more below and click here to view my portfolio!

Interior Styling

  • Personal Style Consultation in your home
  • Determine what you are hoping to achieve within your budget and together 
  • Develop a specific style and colour palette that will suit your space
  • Move furniture (within a reasonable size and weight 50lbs or less) to determine best placement
  • Compose a quote for my work.
  • If the style quote is agreeable, I will move ahead and get to work!

Revive My Closet

  • Complete closet purge items what to keep, toss, give away
  • Organize and rehang compiled clothing, shoes and accessories that flatter you
  • Arrange for items not kept to be donated or consigned
  • Upscale and repurpose what you own
  • Discover your closet’s hidden treasures
  • Achieve a grab-and-go wardrobe
  • Teach you how to manage and keep your closet clutter-free

Style Inquiry

Start your style journey today! Fill out for the form below to inquire about pricing and schedule a consultation with Stacey!

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